Of Men & Martians

The year is 2071. Earth is in its death throes.

Our only hope lies in the colonisation of Mars.

Step up and take control of the Federated States of Mars.

Write a new chapter in humanity's storied history as one of the ruling Councillors!



Terraform the hostile planet.

Build underground hive cities.

Police the people.

Galvanise the working classes.

Adapt. Survive. Thrive.


How To Play

Of Men & Martians is an intimate, live action, role-playing game of political intrigue, world-building and crisis management.

Players take on one of these 9 roles:


We must dream and enact other ways of being in the world, and ultimately new worlds.

Will Mars remain loyal to Earth or declare its independence?

Or, will everyone fall prey to native mind-controlling parasites?

Amidst the escalating crisis, how will you collectively forge your Martian Utopia?



Limited seats available (9 players per game). Sign up early to avoid disappointment!

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