Pulau Zombie 2: Bad Blood

Ever fantasized about living through a zombie apocalypse in Singapore? What would it take to survive?

Pulau Zombie: Bad Blood is an immersive open world game where players take on the role of survivors.

Scrounge for food & fuel. Secure safehouses. Bunker down. Make alliances. Break them. Do what you must to survive. When night falls, the living dead will come for all.

Test yourself, your friendships and your morality.

For just one night, Void Deck Games is proud to host Singapore's most authentic zombie apocalypse survival experience.


Tengah Air Base fell 48 hours ago. An undead tsunami crashed through the airstrip, drowning airmen beneath waves of rotting, gnashing teeth.

The radio cackled and spat screams of panic and the dying. There were no orders to retreat, but the tide could not be turned. Backs to the wall, NCOs ordered a retreat. Trucks carrying supplies and ashen-faced NS boys sped through the dirt roads of Lim Chu Kang. Like the ghosts of Japanese soldiers, the boys vanished into the mists of Sarimbun swamp.

You and your band of survivalists have heard rumors of the abandoned supply trucks on the coastline. Your scouts have also seen other rival groups descending on Kampong Sarimbun like crows to carrion.

With fuel running out, you must get a hold of the supply stash before night falls... and the dead come running.

How To Play

  1. Choose your faction: Since the zombie apocalypse hit Singapore, small bands of survivors have joined up to form larger and dominant tribes. Each faction has completely different story missions and your experience will vary!
  2. Gear up: Bring your own unmodified foam dart guns and as much ammo as you wish to carry into a zombie apocalypse.
  3. Stay in character: Dress up in your best survivalist gear, talk to the NPCs, and you might unlock secret missions.


Will you survive Pulau Zombie: Bad Blood?


The safety briefing & bag check starts at 4.30pm and gates will close at 5.30pm. Please come early to avoid queues. After gate closure, latecomers will miss out on the opening scenes. They will only be admitted at a suitable interval so as not to disrupt other players' experience. No refunds will be granted if you are late.
Don't worry! Your time as a survivor may be at an end but you keep playing - as an undead. Hunt down your 'friends' and revel in their fear as they flee from you. You will receive a special effects makeup transformation at the hands of our professional cosmetics team. Join the horde. Your insatiable hunger drives you to consume warm flesh. YOU MUST FEED…
Each survivor must come armed with one or more *unmodified* foam dart blasters or soft balled-up socks. Bring as much ammo as you like. You may not use melee weapons. Actual real weapons or blasters that resemble real weapons are not allowed.
Of course! But just remember to watch your back... it might be a cunning trap.
No. Only unmodified guns are allowed for safe play. Players that bring high-velocity modified foam guns & darts that will hurt other players (especially if aimed at the face) will have their weapons removed at the gate. Such offenders will have to start the game weaponless.
Sluggishly in daylight, and as fast as they can when the sun sets.
The Jurong Junkers and Geylang Reapers have unique missions, NPCs, aesthetics and stories. Your game experience will be different from your friend’s if both of you choose different sides. Join the Junkers if you enjoy using your wits and creativity to overcome challenges. Pledge your loyalty to the Reapers if you like to tackle life’s problems with a 12 gauge shotgun.
Picking allies is a choice. Be careful who you place your trust in. There’s no telling what desperate people will do to survive.
A cool, thematic costume for your faction that is also practical for running around. You might earn 1 extra life point from the Gamemasters. Do not bring valuables to the game as there are no lockers.
Yes. You may also bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Keep hydrated, be considerate and do not litter.
No. Any alcohol found will be confiscated by corrupt quartermasters. Drunks who endanger their colony will be shot.
No. There are at least 4 field toilets available, mostly located in contested territory. Tread carefully, and always piss back to back.

Pulau Zombie: Bad Blood is an immersive storytelling game experience with disturbing horror themes. It is not suitable for people with heart conditions, impaired mobility and other serious medical conditions. This game may include shocking or disturbing imagery, such as scenes of violence and blood, and is not suitable for participants under 18. All ticket holders must be above 18 years of age when purchasing tickets. Entry is subject to age restrictions, and no refunds will be made on the grounds that the ticket holder was not aware of such age restrictions.

All players must sign a death and injury waiver. This game will test your endurance, willpower, ethics and courage. Players may choose an early retirement if they find the experience too extreme.


© Pulau Zombie and Pulau Zombie: Bad Blood is an original production of Void Deck Games (VDG).

VDG is a pioneering immersive game company that creates real life video games for the imaginative, playful and curious. We are looking for volunteers, actors, writers and game masters keen on creating immersive games with us. You can find us at hello@voiddeckgames.com or under a void deck in Tampines.