About Us

What is this?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to brave a zombie apocalypse? Or fantasized living the double life of a secret agent? Dreamed about pitting your wits against a sociopathic criminal mastermind?

You can embrace the role of a reluctant hero, torment fellow participants as a nefarious villain or befuddle everybody with your seemingly erratic motivations. VDG offers ordinary people an extraordinary platform and premise to express themselves through role playing, challenges and communal fun-spirited storytelling.

Explore Singapore with fresh eyes, as you whisper shadowy intrigue in warehouses, enact heroic epic showdowns in back alleys and spin whimsical yarns on lonely beaches across offshore islands.

Join us, escape this reality, shed your identity and take the leap into the wide wondrous unknown.

Keep an eye out for the latest VDG saga – like a mirage on a desert, our pop-up events are temporary caravans peddling fun, introspection and nights of magic. Blink, and you might miss it.

Who we are

Void Deck Games is a game studio that designs and creates unique real life video game experiences for an adventurous, curious and imaginative clientele. By combining elements of theatrical performance, set & costume design as well as game mechanics, we cast audiences as protagonists of their very own story.

No. Our Stories have some similarities with the escape rooms you may be familiar with, such as designed set environments and puzzle solving, but we do not limit our adventures to a box. Or a single room. Void Deck Games’ Stories are immersive experiences that take place in real-world environments. Through interactions with the story, its actors, other players or even bewildered bystanders, your choices can affect the outcomes of each encounter - or even change the plot.
Our challenges are not merely static puzzles to be solved on a linear 'railroad' track. The scenarios and crises that you face may test your strength, endurance and ethics. Sometimes, the key to a perplexing problem may be to charm, lie or bamboozle your way to success. The solutions to our challenges are multifaceted, involving more than a single skill. Like life, there is often more than a single fixed answer to a problem.
Some of our games feature player versus player (PvP) interaction. For example, you may compete for limited resources, battle ferociously with dart guns and negotiate temporary alliances. Although there is competition, the endgame emphasis is on communal storytelling through improvisation and spontaneous creativity. As you lend your voice to the chorus of your fellow players in composing the story, each game’s ending is its own unique melody.


Void Deck Games seeks to popularize roleplaying games as alternative entertainment, deepen ties between communities and friends through the culture of play, and explore societal themes by placing players in crisis scenarios.

In an age of unprecedented accessibility to entertainment, VDG seeks to provide unique and exclusive experiences for its customers. People who are tired of the usual mainstream pastimes can indulge their curiosity and engage in an off-beat activity like no other. Our brand of real life adventure roleplaying games offer bored and restless souls a portal into the secret world of story and escapism.
A participant is faced with a conundrum of choices and by making one, reveals a part of him/herself. We create safe spaces for players to experiment and examine the consequences of their actions in a risk-free environment. By adopting a persona, immersed players can shed their inhibitions while they examine their preconceptions, test boundaries without judgement, and get to explore choices that they would never have made otherwise.
VDG’s games help friends, families and communities connect at a deep and genuine level. Through crisis and problem solving, participants are constantly engaged with each other. By playing together, people of all races and nationalities find common ground, laughter and friendship through rekindling the inner child that still dances within all of us.