Geylang Reapers


Once scorned as secret society lowlifes, the Reapers are the heroic protectors of the street. Known for their colorful, loud and brash demeanor, the triad provides protection against the undead… for a price.

Guided by a code of honor, these street tigers refuse to back down in the face of marauding monsters. With a parang in hand and a devil-may-care attitude, the Reapers are the unlikely heroes we deserve.

The Reapers are led by Towkay Neo, the widow of their former leader, “Tiger Neo”. She stabbed him in the heart with a pair of chopsticks after he hid his infection from the rest of the crew.

Foam dart blasters are not included (please rent/bring your own). All players are required to sign and submit an injury & death waiver to play.

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10% off Group Discounts

  • Gather a team of 4 and enjoy an authentic Left 4 Dead experience at a discounted $179.91 per pax. Just select 4 tickets and the discount will be applied automagically.

What you get for your ticket:

  • 12 hectares of game space booked for exclusive use
  • A compelling story that puts you in the heart of a cinematic zombie apocalypse experience
  • Exclusive experience limited to only 250 players
  • Specially designed landscape with over 10 unique in-game locations for you to explore
  • 28 mini-missions for you to accomplish
  • Interactive performances by a cast of professional actors
  • A team of game-masters to help run the game
  • A team of make-up artists to transform you into a zombie if you get infected
  • Event photography
  • Private event security to keep the game safe
  • Private ambulance service
  • One-way chartered bus from the game site to Choa Chu Kang MRT after the game

 What you need to play:
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Unmodified Foam Dart Blasters such as the ones produced by NERF (or on Taobao). Bring as many blasters & bullets as you want.
  • Bring a backpack to store your belongings as there are no lockers
  • A smartphone with internet access
  • Flashlight
  • Running shoes / all-terrain boots
  • Facial wash or make-up remover
  • (Optional) A bottle of water & energy snacks
  • (Optional) Costume that suits your faction [special reward]
  • (Optional) Pairs of balled up clean socks as additional weapons
  • (Compulsory) Signed liability and release waiver form [sample]