Mutants & Mayhem

Date: Aug – Dec 2016
Players: 15 to 30 per session
Themes: Zombie apocalypse survival, evolution
Mutants and Mayhem is an immersive storytelling game at a warehouse in Ubi. You are characters in a story about perilous survival, blind hope and foolhardy courage. Choose between Mutants or Mayhem.

werewolf x supermoon

Date: Nov 2016
Players: 13
To celebrate the biggest and brightest supermoon since 1948, Void Deck Games organised a few rounds of Werewolf, a casual roleplaying party game.

The Little Birds

Date: May 2016
Players: 5-8 players per session
Themes: Industrial espionage, conspiracy
Little Birds is an intimate, experiential spy game that starts in the hub of Singapore’s start-up scene at Block 71.