Pulau Zombie

Ever fantasized about living through a zombie apocalypse?

Pulau Zombie is Void Deck Games’ authentic and immersive undead survival adventure. Escape this reality and hop on the boat to the island of the hungry dead.

Scrounge for weapons. Gear up. Make alliances. Break them. Do what you must to survive. When night falls, the living dead will come for all.

Test yourself, your friendships and your morality.

Can you survive 13 hours of terror?

How To Play

Void Deck Games presents Pulau Zombie -- a 13 hour nightmarish island adventure!

Ever wanted to experience a real zombie apocalypse? Strap on your high-powered rifle. Grab that foam machete. Put on your game face. Go on missions around the shadowy island with your trusted buddies. Watch the corners though -- if you get bit… you will join the walking dead.


Pulau Zombie is an immersive storytelling game with disturbing horror themes. It is not suitable for people with heart conditions, impaired mobility and other serious medical conditions.

All players must sign a death and injury waiver. This game will test your endurance, willpower, ethics and courage. All missions will be on land and do not involve climbing or swimming. Players may choose an early retirement if they find the experience too extreme.


Will you survive Pulau Zombie? Early bird sales end 31 July.


Survivor Ticket: $129.90 + 20% off Early Bird (limited)

  • Immersive Storytelling
  • Survivor Missions
  • Chartered Ferry
  • 1 meal (Survivor), snacks & drinks
  • Overnight lodging - no aircon
  • Use of foam zombie blasters & weapons (on loan)
  • Photos & videos of your experience


VIP Ticket "The Doctor": $249.90 (Only 1 available!)
In addition to the above;

  • Only character to start with a zombie blaster
  • Only character that can heal other survivors
  • Immune to Patient Zero
  • Custom souvenir costume for the game
  • NOTE: Doctor Bones cannot heal himself. He loses his abilities if he gets infected by a zombie.


Group bookings (via local bank transfer only)
Please contact us directly at hello@voiddeckgames.com for a 5% off group discount code before booking.



Please be punctual for the safety briefing & bag check at 3.30pm. The ferry leaves at 4pm sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate as the story would have already begun for other players. No refunds will be granted.
You become a zombie. Your insatiable hunger drives you to consume warm flesh. YOU MUST FEED…
Picking allies is a choice. Be careful who you place your trust in. There’s no telling what desperate people will do to survive.
Yes. Your weapon will be placed in reserve with the colony quartermaster, ready to be accessed after you have completed your quest objectives. Highly-modified (and painful) foam blasters may not be permitted. You must pre-register your weapon with us at hello@voiddeckgames.com to check compatibility with our ammunition (NERF N-Strike Elite darts). You may not bring any foam ammo as it a limited commodity on the island.
Camp Darah Hitam (Camp Black Blood) has adequate electricity supply for 12 hours a day. You may charge your mobile phone. There is no air-conditioning.
Here's what we recommend: comfortable clothing (2 sets), flashlight, insect repellent, running shoes, water bottle, food & drink, mobile phone & charger, medication (if any), spare phone battery. (Optional:) your personal foam dart gun / magazines (no ammo allowed).
You are a refugee fleeing the zombie apocalypse. Pack only what is necessary. If zombies attack, you need to run with your bags or toss them. Those too slow will be left behind so that others may survive. Human traffickers run the boat service to the WHO Quarantine Zone in Papua New Guinea. Visibly well-to-do survivors may be targeted by thugs. You have been warned.
Bring only what you need to keep your sanity. Drunks who endanger the colony will be shot.
In a zombie apocalypse? Only if you are suicidal. Seriously, don’t...
The virus has contaminated the water supply. Boil water before consuming.
You may choose to swim at your own risk during daylight hours. The sea is strictly off limits after dark.



Pulau Zombie is an original production of Void Deck Games (VDG). VDG is a pioneering immersive game company that creates real life video games for the imaginative, playful and curious.

We are looking for volunteers, actors, writers and game masters keen on creating immersive games with us. You can find us at hello@voiddeckgames.com or under a void deck in Tampines.